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Who would have thought tea could become any more popular – it’s been the most popular drink besides water for a long time. That’s right, tea consumption is on the rise and we certainly did our share to make it happen: The BODUM® tea makers are the best way to brew tea. There, we’ve said it. Many have tried to sue us for saying the same thing about our coffee makers but so far nobody has disagreed with us in terms of tea makers. And we haven’t even talked about our ice tea makers yet. Tea brewing doesn’t get any purer than with the BODUM® tea presses. This unique system makes sure your tea is brewed precisely to your desired strength and aroma. We’ve developed the tea press with the English Tea Council over 30 years ago and we’ve been perfecting it ever since. Most of the BODUM® tea presses are made of borosilicate glass which doesn’t stain and doesn’t give off any taste. The glass allows you to watch the brewing process, bringing all the beautiful tea colors to life. Whether you love green tea, black tea or fruit teas, the BODUM® tea presses are as much a pleasure for the eye as they are for the taste buds.