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Setje van Vacuümkoffieapparaat, 0.5 l, met gasbrander

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€ 159,00
€ 118,95


Setje van Vacuümkoffieapparaat, 0.5 l, met gasbrander

Prijs (Inclusief BTW):
€ 159,00
€ 118,95
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The Mocca Siphon Coffee Maker was BODUM’s very first product, introduced by Peter Bodum in 1956. We’re now proud to present MOCCA an updated version of the original.
A vacuum brewer on a simple stainless steel handle with a gas burner underneath it, that’s energy consumption down to a new low: no electricity, no wires, no plugs – just pour regular lighter fluid into the gas tank and you’re good to go. You can use the siphon coffee maker and gas burner outdoors as well as at home.

Product Features and Benefits:
• Siphon brewed coffee produces cleaner, richer, and smoother cup of coffee by maximizing the essential oils from the brew, delivering a balanced and flavorful cup of coffee
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a wide range of settings
• Funnel and lower chamber made of heat resistant borosilicate glass, users can view the brewing process from start to finish
• Stainless steel handle with an easy to grip, non-slip handle made of cork
• Borosilicate glass chambers and the stainless steel handle are easy to clean
• Gas burner can hold 70 mL of regular lighter fluid and is easy to refill
• Silicone ring gives the burner extra stability
• Handy dial controls the gas flame

  • Item Nummer K11863-109
  • Shatter Proof Nee
  • Kleur Cork
  • Inhoud 0.5 L
  • Breedte (cm) 14.0
  • Hoogte (cm) 40.0
  • Diepte (cm) 20.0
  • EAN 699965399702
  • Material Cork, Stainless Steel, Borosilicate Glass, Silicone, Polycarbonate (PC), PA6, Polypropylene (PP) , Zinc Alloy