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Bar Set 5 pièces - Tire-bouchon + Coupe-capsule + Bouchon de bouteille + Bouchon verseur + Décapsuleur

44,90 CHF


Bar Set 5 pièces - Tire-bouchon + Coupe-capsule + Bouchon de bouteille + Bouchon verseur + Décapsuleur

44,90 CHF
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About the MELIOR Bar Set

Whether you’re preparing to throw a dinner party or simply kitting out your home bar, the stylish MELIOR Bar Set is a collection of beautiful and practical accessories designed to keep the drinks flowing with ease. This five-piece set includes a full range of wine accessories, along with a pop-top bottle opener.

Open wine bottles effortlessly thanks to the delightful duo of foil cutter and corkscrew. The small but brilliant foil cutter has four sharp blades that deliver a perfect cut to prepare the neck of your wine bottle for opening, while the sleek corkscrew has a smooth de-corking mechanism that makes opening bottles a breeze.

Next, reach for the multi-talented wine pourer and aerator. This useful gadget gently airs the wine as you pour, teasing out its full flavor and aroma instantly without the need for a decanter. Non-wine drinkers will be equally delighted with the ergonomic bottle opener that opens pop-top bottles with a simple flick of a wrist. So you can serve everybody their tipple of choice.

At the end of the evening, the bottle stopper fits in the neck of any leftover wine preserving its freshness for another day, and all accessories are dishwasher safe making the clean up simple. Cheers to that!

Main Features & Benefits

  • Bar set includes a MELIOR Corkscrew, Foil Cutter, Wine Pourer and Aerator, Bottle Stopper, and a Bottle Opener
  • Sleek corkscrew with an effortless de-corking mechanism, suitable for all bottle sizes and both natural and synthetically corked wines
  • Stylish foil cutter with four sharp blades that quickly and safely removes foil and plastic seals from wine bottles
  • Multi-functional wine pourer and aerator that oxygenates wine as you pour, enhancing its taste, aroma and finish
  • Elegant bottle stopper extends the life of opened bottles of wine
  • Classic bottle opener crafted from reinforced plastic with a stainless steel touchpoint that opens pop-top bottles with ease
  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Made in Portugal

Use & Care

All items are dishwasher safe.

  • Numéro d'Article K11724-01
  • Prochainement Non
  • Résistant aux chocs Non
  • Couleur Noir
  • Capacité 0.0 L
  • Largeur (cm) 0.0
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  • Profondeur (cm) 0.0
  • EAN 699965355722
  • Matière Acier inoxydable, plastique