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Bruciatore a gas con supporto

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Bruciatore a gas con supporto

79,90 CHF
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Here’s an essential element of our ever-popular PEBO® brewing system, which is widely celebrated for its theatricality and old-school charm. In fact, you could say that the coffee-making magic begins with this refillable gas burner and robust yet elegant stand. Simply add a little lighter fluid to the burner and you have the source of heat that makes spectacular slow coffee possible. With no plugs or wires to worry about and no electricity required, you can use the burner and stand outdoors as well as at home. (The prospect of a camping trip becomes much more appealing once you realise that you can enjoy delicious, perfectly brewed coffee in the middle of nowhere. That certainly beats singing songs around a campfire!) You can even take the stand apart to make it easier to transport and clean.

Product Features and Benefits:
• Part of the famous PEBO® vacuum/siphon coffee-brewing system
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use in a wide range of settings
• Made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel and brass, as well as robust silicone and plastic
• Gas burner can hold 70 mL of regular lighter fluid and is easy to refill
• Silicone ring gives the burner extra stability
• Handy dial controls the gas flame
• Stand can be disassembled to aid cleaning and transportation
• Low energy consumption and no need for electricity
This gas burner and stand have been specially designed for use with the PEBO® glass chambers (available separately).

  • Codice Articolo K11423-16
  • Colore Chrome
  • Capacità 0.0 L
  • Larghezza (cm) 21.9
  • Altezza (cm) 13.3
  • Profondità (cm) 21.9
  • EAN 699965332334
  • Design Line PEBO®
  • Material acciaio inox, silicone, plastica, ottone
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