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Bodum's best - tostatura scura, 8 oz (1/2 lb), 227 g

9,50 CHF


Bodum's best - tostatura scura, 8 oz (1/2 lb), 227 g

9,50 CHF
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BODUM's Best - Whole bean Arabica coffee. Mocha java blend of Ethiopian and Sumatra coffee.
- A dark roast blend of our Ethiopian Washed coffee from the Sidama Region and our Sumatran coffee from the Aceh region. 

Origin: Sidama, Ethiopia & Aceh, Sumatra 
Altitude: 3,937 – 5,577 feet 
Varietal: Ethiopian Heirloom, Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra & Typica 
Process: Wet Hulled & Washed 
Drying: Sun Dried 
Roast: Dark  
Notes: Blackberry, Stone Fruit & Honey 
BODUM – ROAST: Medium Dark 
BODUM’S BEST is a gourmet take on a classic blend dating back to the 18th Century when beans from Sumatra (Java) were often blended with beans from Ethiopia while at port in Yemen. BODUM’S BEST combines medium- and dark-roasted beans from premier estates in each region to carefully re-create a truly versatile blend that you can enjoy morning, noon, and night. 
Fair trade certified.
Roasted by Brooklyn Roasting Company. 

  • Codice Articolo ZS57059
  • Colore ZZZ
  • Capacità 0.240 L
  • Larghezza (cm) 10.5
  • Altezza (cm) 14.3
  • Profondità (cm) 10.5
  • EAN 699965237325
  • Design Line BODUM COFFEE
  • Material Chicchi di caffè

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