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One handy measuring tool for most cooking needs – our HOT POT GOURMET measuring jug is quite the multitasker. It tells you how little rice you need (don’t we all overestimate the portion size of rice when it’s dry?) – it tells you how much sugar or flour to add, and it does the same for fluids. It even tells you all of this in English and in German and in grams and ounces. The jug is made from orosilicate glass, which is up to this task for more than one reason. Borosilicate glass is very robust and light at the same time. It’s also dishwasher safe and doesn’t cloud – not even after years. In other words, it is the perfect material for kitchen work, which is also the reason why the HOT POT GOURMET can even double as jug for your stick blender or for mixing jobs in general.

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