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Cafetera de Vacío, 8 tz., 1.0 l, con calentador de gas y accesorios

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Coffee is one of the pleasures we just can’t do without – even if we’re out in the middle of nowhere. In fact, an excellent cup of coffee tastes even better out in the green as it’s such a pleasant surprise. It doesn’t get more reduced to the max when it comes to brewing coffee than the PEBO® vacuum coffee maker with its stand and gas burner. The vacuum brewing method has long been known to deliver an abundance of taste through sheer simplicity and pure materials like borosilicate glass. A vacuum brewer on a simple stainless steel pedestal with a gas burner underneath it, that’s energy consumption down to a new low: no electricity, no wires, no plugs – just pour regular lighter fluid into the gas tank and you’re good to go.
In about 15 minutes the cold water of the lower glass chamber will have percolated into delicious coffee in the upper glass chamber in front of everybody’s eyes and tickle their taste buds. The stand is made from stainless steel and can be taken apart for cleaning and transportation. The burner holds 70ml of regular lighter fluid, is easily refillable, and comes with a dial to control the flame. It sits on a silicone ring for extra stability. The PEBO® is sheer simplicity combined with eco-friendly ease-of-use – a very modern coffee maker with an old school charm.

  • Número de Artículo K1218-16
  • Color Chrome
  • Capacidad 1.0 L
  • Anchura (cm) 20.9
  • Altura (cm) 38.8
  • Profundidad (cm) 20.9
  • EAN 699965333218
  • Design Line PEBO®
  • Material Acero inox, plástico, cristal borosilicato