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Tea press, 1.5L 51oz

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Tea press, 1.5L 51oz

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A special Portuguese landscape simplified in porcelain.
The Douro Valley in Portugal is one of Europe's oldest and most beautiful wine regions. With the curved terraces of vines as far as the eye reaches, it has been the inspiration for the fine grooves in BODUM's new DOURO Tea Press. An elegant classic design that is available either in black or white. In its simplicity make a soft contrast to glass and steel, or emphasize warm materials like cork and wood. DOURO is both designed and manufactured in Portugal. The country from which the story began.

The Tea Press utilizes the same brewing system as the French Press to allow for full control of the tea steeping process. The plunger locks tea leaves into the bottom of the filter once brewing is complete, cutting off access of water to the tea leaves. Allows tea to be recycled for multiple uses.

Product Features and Benefits:
• Perfect for use with any loose leaf tea or tea bags;
• Made of durable, attractive porcelain;
• Simple yet chic design;
• Smooth finish;
• Matching flatware available.
*All of our coffee and tea makers are measured in European cup sizes: 1 Cup = about 4oz

  • Item Number 11920-03
  • Coming Soon No
  • Shatter Proof No
  • Color White
  • Tilavuus 1.5 L
  • Width (cm) 8.375
  • Height (cm) 6.750
  • Depth (cm) 7.000
  • EAN 699965419486
  • Design Line DOURO
  • Material Porcelain, stainless steel, plastic