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Coffee Dripper, 8 cup, 1.0 l, 34 oz, black filter

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Coffee Dripper, 8 cup, 1.0 l, 34 oz, black filter

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About the CIN CIN Coffee Dripper

‘Cin cin’ is Italian for ‘cheers!’ This is highly appropriate, because brewing coffee with our CIN CIN Coffee Dripper will leave you toasting your ability to make richer, bolder coffee from the comfort of your home. Fitted with a permanent stainless steel filter, this stylish coffee dripper offers a simple, ecofriendly method of preparing fresh coffee.

Free from wasteful paper filters that trap the essential oils and flavor of your coffee beans, you’re left with pure, flavorsome coffee.

The elegant glass carafe is made from premium quality borosilicate glass that won’t alter or impair the taste of your delicious joe, and a glass lid is included to keep your coffee warm after brewing. A stylish addition to any kitchen, the real beauty of the CIN CIN Coffee Dripper is its ability to brew full-bodied, smooth coffee with a robust aroma. We’ll drink to that!

Main Features & Benefits

  • Innovative coffee dripper for making barista-quality coffee at home
  • Carafe is made from non-stain, heat-resistant borosilicate glass that won’t alter or impair the coffee’s natural flavor
  • Transparent glass carafe lets you watch the coffee brewing process
  • Features a permanent, stainless steel filter that brings out the full flavor and aroma of your brew, and eliminates the need for wasteful paper filters
  • Glass lid helps to keep coffee warm after brewing
  • Easy to pick up and comfortable to hold, thanks to smooth, curved handle
  • Sustainable, ecofriendly method of brewing coffee
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in Europe
  • Use & Care

    How to brew delicious coffee with the CIN CIN Coffee Dripper:
    1. Add one rounded teaspoon or one Bodum scoop of freshly ground filter coffee to the coffee filter cone for each cup/4oz of water.
    2. Slowly pour hot (not boiling) water in a circular motion over the coffee grounds, until they’re evenly saturated. Then pour additional hot water up to maximum capacity.
    3. Allow water to pass through the coffee into the carafe (this takes around four minutes).
    4. Remove the filter cone and pour your delicious cup of joe.
    5. Wash before first use and after each subsequent use. The coffee dripper and carafe are dishwasher safe.

    • Item Number 11783-10-01S
    • Coming Soon No
    • Shatter Proof No
    • Color Black
    • Capacity 1.0 L
    • Width (cm) 18.2
    • Height (cm) 22.8
    • Depth (cm) 14.0
    • EAN 699965392468
    • Bestsellers No
    • Material Stainless steel, plastic, borosilicate glass