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How to collect “beans”?

First, you have to create an account at

You'll instantly receive 100 Beans for registering.

Then, you earn beans:

For every £1 you spend you'll get 10 Beans;

(For example, when you buy a product that costs £30 you’ll get 300 Beans)

Right after subscribing to our promotional emails/newsletter;

(For subscribing to our emails you’ll get 200 Beans)

How much is £1 in "beans"?

Our currency’s exchange rate is: 50 Beans are equal to £1.

Rules on how to use the “beans”

You can start spending your beans only when you reach 300 beans.

But, there’s a limit. You can only use a number of beans that matches, at maximum,
25% of the total cart value.

Discounts are not cumulative. You can only use one of the following discount methods: either use a voucher, a gift card or Beans.

Collecting Beans is not available for every product.

The amount of Beans that you receive will be calculated based on the price of your purchase before tax. Please note that your Beans will expire after 180 days.

If you used Beans to place an order, you will not be awarded Beans back for that order.

You must be logged into your account at the time of the purchase to use/win Beans.