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Macinacaffè elettrico, 150 W

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Macinacaffè elettrico, 150 W

Prezzo (Incluse tasse):
69,90 €
48,95 €
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About the BISTRO Adjustable Blade Coffee Grinder

Coffee lovers may have different opinions over the best method of brewing, but they all agree on one thing: the best tasting coffee comes from freshly ground beans. The new BISTRO adjustable blade coffee grinder makes it even easier to achieve the exact grind consistency and amount you require.

With its neat, compact design and sleek aesthetic, this electric blade grinder looks great in your kitchen, but it’s the simple, automatic operation that makes this a dream for budding home baristas. Simply fill the coffee beans to the level you require, choose the amount of coffee and grind consistency you desire, and hit the power button.

The grinder stops automatically, then you’re ready to brew your perfect cup of joe. Cleaning up is just as easy, thanks to the removable grinding container, making this the ideal, fuss-free electric coffee grinder. Two color options are available to suit your kitchen style.

Main Features

  • Compact, adjustable blade grinder that holds 84g coffee beans
  • Uses a durable, stainless steel blade that spins at a precise RPM
  • Five grind settings range from fine to coarse
  • Cup selector slide allows you to choose the amount of coffee you require, from 3 to 12 cups
  • Simple, automatic grinding process for greater consistency
  • Engraved lines on the grinding bowl help you to judge the amount of coffee beans required
  • The grinding bowl is removable for easy cleaning
  • Convenient cord storage in the base
  • Made of stainless steel, plastic, rubber and silicone
  • Available in a choice of colors

Use & Care

Always disconnect the blade coffee grinder and clean after each use. Never immerse the electric coffee grinder in water; simply lift out the grinding bowl and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

How It Works

  1. The BISTRO adjustable blade grinder uses a simple, automatic process for outstanding results.
  2. Remove the lid by turning it counterclockwise and lifting straight up.
  3. Fill the grinder container to the level you require and replace the lid, locking it into position.
  4. Move the cup selector slide to the amount of cups you require.
  5. Choose the grind consistency from coarse to fine.
  6. Press the standby button to begin grinding.

  • Codice Articolo 12041-01EURO
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  • Colore Nero
  • Larghezza (cm) 11.7
  • Altezza (cm) 19.8
  • Profondità (cm) 11.8
  • EAN 699965455590
  • Linea modello BISTRO