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Jasmine tea, 100g, green tea

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€ 4,90


Jasmine tea, 100g, green tea

Prijs (Inclusief BTW):
€ 4,90
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For well over 1,000 years, tea leaves have been enriched with the fragrance of Jasmine flowers to create a mildly sweet, truly special drink. Jasmine tea was first brewed in China and today is the country’s most famous scented blend. As Jasmine’s aroma is associated with calmness and relaxation, our premium-quality Jasmine tea is ideal when you’re having a hectic day or want to unwind in the evening. The sweet fragrance is perfectly balanced by the nutty taste of the green tea leaves. Allow freshly boiled water to rest for several minutes before pouring it over the leaves, and then brew for up to four minutes for the best taste. 
Product Features and Benefits:
• Premium-quality, loose leaf, Jasmine-scented green tea 
• Mildly sweet, aromatic flavour 
• Ideal for brewing in BODUM® tea presses and teapots 
• Conveniently-sized 100g packet 

  • Item Nummer ZS52302-100
  • Kleur ZZZ
  • Inhoud 0.1 L
  • Breedte (cm) 7.0
  • Hoogte (cm) 17.0
  • Diepte (cm) 4.0
  • EAN 699965294762
  • Design Line BODUM TEA
  • Material Theeblaadjes