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Coffee Press, double wall, 8 cup, 1.0 l, 34 oz, s/s

Cena (VAT included):
895,90 zł


Coffee Press, double wall, 8 cup, 1.0 l, 34 oz, s/s

Cena (VAT included):
895,90 zł

About the DOURO French Press Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel

Brew with style courtesy of the DOURO French press coffee maker. Part of our unique range celebrating the Douro Valley, this stainless steel French press has a simple, elegant design, its fine grooves reminiscent of the rolling wine terraces of Portugal’s most celebrated wine region.

The design is complemented by a plasitc handle with a wood look, which adds a contemporary twist. Coffee brewed in the DOURO tastes every bit as good as the coffee maker looks, with Bodum’s renowned French press system teasing out a sublime bold aroma and rich, full-bodied taste from your coffee beans. A delightful gift for the style-conscious coffee lover.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Stylish stainless steel French press coffee maker that brings out the full flavor and aroma of your brew
  • Plasitc handle with a wood look offers a comfortable grip and contemporary style
  • Stainless steel plunger prevents ground beans escaping when the coffee is poured
  • More environmentally friendly than many coffee-brewing methods – no paper filters or plastic capsules required
  • Easy to use and easy to clean

How it Works

The French press system is the simplest way to brew rich, flavorful coffee.
  1. Place the DOURO on a flat surface, hold the handle firmly, and pull the plunger up and out of the carafe.
  2. Add one rounded teaspoon or one Bodum scoop of coarsely ground coffee for each cup/4oz water.
  3. Pour hot water into the carafe (about 92-96ºC) leaving a minimum of 2.5cm/1inch at the top, and stir with a plastic or wooden spoon.
  4. Place the plunger unit on top of the pot and turn the lid so the pour spout is closed to retain the heat.
  5. Leave four minutes to brew, then slowly lower the plunger. Turn the lid to open the pour spout and pour your delicious cup of coffee.

Use & Care

Wash in warm, soapy water before first use and after each subsequent use.

  • REF 11910-16
  • Dostępne wkrótce Não
  • Odporny na stłuczenie Não
  • Kolor 016
  • Pojemność 1.0 L
  • Szerokość 10.2
  • Wysokość 20.5
  • Głębokość 18.3
  • EAN 699965435394
  • Linia wzornicza DOURO
  • Materiał Stal nierdzewna, Plastik