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With e-bodum® we basically mean everything that comes with an electrical cord – that’s a whole new category for us. Sure, we’ve had some electrical products for some time now like water kettles and grinders and such. But now we’re really going for that plug thing. You might think, that’s counter-intuitive in a time where “unplugged” is all the rage. Yes and no. Our new electric water kettles are smaller and deliver that boiling water with the lowest energy consumption possible – as long as you never boil more water than you actually need. There is even a novelty if we can call it that: it’s a kettle Ettore Sottsass designed for us in 1988 that we’ve never come around releasing. Sometimes good things take time – and even all these years later the kettle certainly still honors Mr. Sottsass, the Memphis design group and their vision. e-bodum® also gives you mixers, stick blenders, toasters, juicers – basically everything you need for a good and healthy breakfast – and it does so very inexpensively. We don’t need bigger, meaner kitchen machines; we need smarter ones. That’s why boiling water makes better and greener coffee than an expensive and energy-guzzling machine that spills out metal capsules for every single cup of espresso. We like it simple, and we like it green at BODUM®. And we like saving you money. A lot of money, actually.