Pasta server, large

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They are the most basic of kitchen tools, and still – a lot of households don’t get them right or don’t get the right ones. With our BISTRO Gadget Line you can move in anywhere, and you’re ready to go with your starter kitchen. They make your life easier and are a solid foundation to build onto. Pancakes don’t fall off and onto the kitchen floor when you have a wide enough turner, penne are not watery when served with the pasta server, and whipping cream actually deserves its name when you use the right whisk. And how about a can opener that cuts through metal like butter, and a pizza wheel that makes sharing easy? Our BISTRO Gadget Line includes a whole range of fabulous kitchen helpers. These perfect kitchen gadgets are made of stainless steel, nylon, rubber, plastic and silicone. What they have in common: they are safe for your pans and your hands – nylon and silicone protect your pans, and the thick silicone and rubber coating give the handles of these gadgets that extra grip that makes them slip-proof. The line comes in a variety of fun colors that brighten your kitchen.

  • Depth 3
  • Height 1.875
  • Width 15.75