Wok in cast iron with glass lid, large, dia 37 cm, 14.5 inch

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Take the cast iron Bodum Wok, toss in a little Japanese style, add some Thai simplicity, and spice it up with Indian flavors. The only limit is your imagination. In fusion cuisine everybody is his or her own creative chef. Just follow your instincts and invent new combinations of the freshest ingredients and the richness of the world's diverse culinary techniques. The cast iron Wok is made for gas, ceramic and conventional stovetops, and it's a superb cooking tool for induction stoves. The unique heat conduction characteristic of cast iron makes this Wok a perfect tool for Fusion cooking. It keeps a constant heat at any stovetop setting so you are in charge and can easily concentrate on cooking. The practical wok-rack makes it possible for you to cook vegetables and meat at different times in your cooking process. Who said that cooking is all about timing! That's why we provided this Wok with a solid glass lid... to keep you in touch with your creation! And by the way: The design of the Bodum wok is a perfect fusion of the traditional and modern - its simplicity accentuates the colorful richness of the world's cuisines.

  • Depth 15.25
  • Height 7.375
  • Width 18.25