Electric blender stick with accessories

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When we think of the benefits of using our BISTRO Blender Stick, three things immediately come to mind; it’s easy and fun to work with, it helps make nutritious foods, and it’s easy to clean. It comes with three easy stick-on attachments: the knife for making anything from mouthwatering smoothies on ice to steamy creamy vegetable soups; the whisk for making fabulously airy mashed potatoes; and the beater for making thick milk foam, whipped cream or for beating eggs. It also comes with a beaker for puréeing and storing leftovers in the fridge when it’s topped of with the lid. The BISTRO Blender Stick is great for baby food, too, by the way. It will become your number one can’t-live-without kitchen tool in no time. Just stick it into any pan, pot, glass or bowl and it will do its job effortlessly at push of a button. Once you’re done, simply let it run in a bowl of hot water for a bit and it cleans itself. The 2-speed BISTRO Blender Stick is made from plastic and stainless steel.

  • Depth 2.625
  • Height 14.125
  • Width 3.375